The -Booty- is our double cut model.
Minimum required weight at maximum thrust. Best ergonomic properties combined with the virtues of a classic set neck design.





The original model of Tonfuchs is known for its unsurpassed ergonomics.
These bolt on guitars are in their different variants universal workhorses with a high style factor.




The -Bulldozer- is a non compromise Rock´n´Roll machine.
Even the outlines can be seen as a statement. The wrecking ball that has become a guitar. Are you ready to take on the beast, then click for …




The Lovecaster is a homage to the mother of all electric guitars.
There is nothing to add to this classic beauty. Apart from care, the right ingredients, some detail improvements and fresh finishes you have not seen millions of times.



Every single Tonfuchs guitar is a handmade product. This can take a bit longer and can sometimes be exhausting. So, if we go through the trouble and put so much effort and passion into each instrument, we do not want to spoil the result with inferior ingredients. That means no compromises in the woods, hardware, tuners, pickups, pots and capacitors that are used.

Wood: Our lumber storage is very extensive and is continuously being expanded. The amount of wood purchased each year is greater than the amount that leaves the workshop in the form of a finished guitar. We only use woods that have been aged and air-dried for several years. Among many other criteria, this is the most important. Under these circumstances, it may be that some wood types of a certain vintage are not infinitely available. Before we build an instrument with immature wood, we prefer not to build one at all.

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